Group Fun. Pt 1

When I got a message online from M – someone I hadn’t spoken to before – asking if I was interested in coming to an “adult party” I sent a half-hearted reply expecting it to a case of all talk, no action.
To my surprise I received a message back the following day with details of who was holding the party (a woman named J), the guests (the host, a couple of her regular male partners (of which M was one), a couple and myself) and the basic premise (Saturday evening, a few drinks and we’d see where the night went).

J answered the door on my arrival wearing a tight, above-the-knee dress which zipped up the front, her breasts shamelessly spilling over the top. She explained that due to unforeseen circumstances the couple who were to join us were not going to be coming but there were three single men coming and we laughed about the fact that they were all running late.

Waiting for the other guests to arrive, J showed me to the kitchen and over a wine she told me about the other guests. It wasn’t long before two of the guests arrived. S was in his early 50’s, European and a great conversationalist (a huge turn-on in my books). In his mid-20’s, R was a sports buff and had the body to show for it.

We spent the early part of the evening sitting around the living room, chatting over a few drinks. As we chatted J had been receiving messages from a young guy she had met a few times and who said he would be keen to join. Given that he was only 19 and in the past had “cum in ten minutes, obviously felt uncomfortable and hurried off” we were all surprised when he turned up on the doorstep. Shortly after his arrival, realising that the rest of us had been talking for a few hours, J joked that we all knew what we were there for, so we may as well get down to business. After debating logistics (and the fact that the bedroom was cold) the mattress from the spare bed was dragged into the centre of the lounge.

Returning from the bathroom, I found things were well underway. Her dress unzipped and tossed aside, J was kneeling in her lingerie and thigh high stockings between S and the 19 year old. With M behind me, massaging my shoulders and kissing my neck, I watched as she unzipped S’ pants, sliding them down his legs and pulling down his underwear to reveal his already swelling cock. Using one hand to stroke S’ cock, J turned to the 19 year old who had already removed his pants. Leaning in, she took the length of his semi-erect cock into her mouth and began sucking with abandon. Alternating between the two men, J worked both cocks with her hands and mouth, moaning with obvious pleasure and enthusiasm.

While she was focused on the younger man’s cock, S leaned over and removed her bra, allowing J’s breasts to swing free and causing her large dark nipples to harden. S guided her back onto the mattress while the 19 year old pulled down her g-string to reveal a full but groomed, dark bush of hair. With J kneeling in front of him, S stroked his cock briefly before J lent in and began sucking him again. Between her legs, the 19 year old began to slide his fingers into her obviously wet pussy, causing J to moan deeply, the vibrations reverberating around the cock deep in her throat.


About desireanddepravity

The sexual adventures of an experimental 20-something.
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