Online Dating and Dirty Weekends, pt. 2

Sitting on a pair of couches overlooking the view, the conversation eventually turned to sex. E and I discussed the politics of being bisexual (you are either doing it for the attention of guys or you are a lesbian who hasn’t fully come out), using the internet to find sexual partners and porn. M had been quiet from the time they met me at the airport and I wasn’t surprised to learn that when it came to the bedroom, the roles were reversed – he was the dominant one and E the submissive. He was interested in what I was into and what my boundries were, I explained with a laugh that I didn’t really have boundries, as long as he didn’t criticise my body or want to do anything involving scat, I was happy for him to do whatever.

E and I moved to the bedroom to change – her into a black g string and strapless black corset, me into a sheer, lacy bra and matching bottoms. We joked and laughed, surprised at how alike we turned out to be. As we changed E went to the wardrobe where her suitcase laid open and pulled out two objects. Smiling, she walked toward me with a black leather collar in each hand –  a small sliver disc engraved with “Slave of Master M” attached to one, the over covered in diamantes. Being a lover of any and all things glittering and sparkly, I chose the diamante covered collar. 

Dressed and collared, E and I returned to the main room in the apartment where Master M, as we were now to call him, sat on the couch in nothing but his boxer shorts. At his command E and I began to kiss and explore each other’s bodies. 

It didn’t long before we were both topless, hands cupping breasts, twisting and tweaking nipples; M ordered us to kneel side by side with our hands behind our backs and left the room. When he returned, E and I were sitting beside each other as ordered. M produced from behind his back a whip – in his hand was a thick, leather bound handle from which a dozen or so thick leather tassels hung, 15 or so inches in length. Sitting, backs straight with our breasts pushed forward, M proceeded to alternate between whipping E and I across the chest. The whip hit my skin with a slap; a sting as the leather strands stroked my chest but gone almost instantly as a warmth spread through my chest and between my legs.

After a period long enough that red marks began to show across both our chests, M put down the whip and told me he wanted me to make E come. Turning to E and placing my hand on her sternum, I pushed her away from me and down to the ground. Placing a hand on each knee, I slowly pushed them apart so her g string covered crotch was on display, a damp patch appearing in the middle.


About desireanddepravity

The sexual adventures of an experimental 20-something.
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  1. writingthebody says:

    Sounds like fun….I hope so anyway!

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