Online Dating and Dirty Weekends, pt. 1

Although I had had a profile on a well known dating site for a long time, nothing had ever really come of it. I periodically checked my messages (and would clear my inbox of messages from men who had clearly made no effort to even read my profile) but wasn’t being particularly pro-active about it.

Checking my messages one evening I had an email from a couple in another part of the country; they had been having little luck locally and as they often holidayed near where I was based at the time, they thought they would make contact. E and I messaged backward and forward, swapping pics and generally getting to know each other. We lamented about the distance between us and discussed me travelling to their city and spending a weekend with them.

E and I had been chatting for a month or so when one Friday morning at work I was checking my emails and had a message from her – her and her partner, M, were in a resort town on a weekend away and would I like to join them? Work was boring, I had no plans for the weekend and the offer seemed too good to be true. E had given me her mobile number so on my break I gave her a call – her and M were away having a dirty weekend away and the topic of my joining them had come up. M had looked into flights and if I was serious they would organise them and email me the details.
Although the situation seemed completely surreal, I agreed, and when I checked my email a little while later there was a return e-ticket as well as details of where they were staying. Knowing that if I was murdered over the course of the weekend someone would check my work computer for clues, I forwarded the email with the flights and accommodation details to my work email – if I wasn’t killed I would delete it first thing Monday morning.

I gave my flatmate a story about going away for the weekend with some work mates and drove myself to the airport Saturday morning. Three hours and two flights later I was stepping off a plane in a tiny ski resort town to meet a couple I had actually only spoken on the phone to once.

E turned out to be as sweet and lovely in real life as she did online. M was quiet and reserved, E dominated the conversation and her and I did most of the talking. After collecting me and my overnight bag from the airport, we drove to their accomodation, changed and went into the town centre to a wine bar. After chatting over wine and nibbles for a few hours we returned to where they were staying. The two bedroom apartment was on a hill overlooking the town and across to the snow covered mountains behind and we spent the evening sitting in front of the view, drinking wine and talking.


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